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Metal Artist Kelly Phipps

Producer: Eric Slade  Videographer: Tom Shrider  Editor: Bruce Barrow  Audio: Ted Cutler
Special Thanks: Mark Toal Photography, Steve Thaemert, Jerry Ripley, Rat Rod Magazine, Don Kates, Shooters Images, Inc., Matt Marx, Jeff Lane, Emily Hamilton and Western Automotive Museum

Hood River metal artist Kelly Phipps transforms recycled, rusted metal into intricate lacey works of art. 

Her tool of choice? A plasma cutterThe plasma cutter heats gas to nearly 30,000 degrees, slicing through thick metal panels with ease. As Kelly says, “I’m drawing with fire.”

Kelly’s recent work on a hulking metal Rat Rod propelled the car into the finals of the National Rat Rod Build Off in St. Louis.

Check out Kelly’s story to see how they placed at the contest.

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