Producer: Katrina Sarson   Videographer/Editor: Tom Shrider   Audio: William Ward  
Special Thanks: Tacoma Art Museum. Portland Art Museum

Wendy Red Star’s work includes creating, beading, sewing, building, configuring and then photographing the finished sculpture.

One of Red Star's outdoor mixed-media installations.

One of Red Star’s outdoor mixed-media installations.


She’s preparing for several exhibits, including a fashion show in Kansas City; and a tour of Northwest Art work at the Tacoma Art Museum in mid-May.

Wendy Red Star and daughter Beatrice.

Wendy Red Star and daughter Beatrice.


Her daughter, Beatrice, figures prominently in her work. We’ll watch them prepare, give the tour, and talk with Wendy about reclaiming images of Native Americans from history.

Walks in the Dark, 2011

Walks in the Dark, 2011

Wendy Red Star



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