Anton Pavlenko is well-known as a highly detailed, plein-air painter, working in every kind of weather Oregon has to offer.

After years of plein-air painting, in both fair weather and foul, the time afforded for reflection began to steer Pavlenko in a new direction.
“And, sometimes I’d look at my own work, and I’m like, ‘Wow, there’s something connecting about this,’” explained Pavlenko. “‘There’s some kind of magic going on here. What is it?’ And so that contemplative state of mind, I think, over the years, has kind of really, really challenged me to come back to my work or to steer my work in a more kind of personally honest direction.”

Enjoy some of painter Anton Pavlenko’s plein-air landscapes and his newer abstracts.

Pavlenko finds himself in a brand new creative world, where he uses brush strokes and inspiration from the outdoors to create canvases that don’t resemble what he sees but rather attempts to show how he’s feeling.
From his inside his studio to outside at a Pacific Northwest Plein Air event in the Columbia Gorge, Pavlenko shared his story about coming to America, building a tiny house and his ever-evolving creative process.

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