Ryan and Elena Roadhouse opened their restaurant Nodoguro in 2015 and have been impressing diners with their beautiful and sumptuous dishes ever since.

As lovers of art and literature, Ryan and Elena want their omakase (chef’s choice) dinners to not only tickle the taste buds but to engage all of the senses.

“That basically means to just trust us, that we’ll make dinner for you,” he said.  

Ryan’s inspiration for Nodoguro came from his years as a chef in Japan. 

Chef Ryan Roadhouse works in his restaurant, Nodoguro. 

Chef Ryan Roadhouse works in his restaurant, Nodoguro. 


“I got to spend time with people who did sushi, people who did soba, tempura, wild for Japan cuisine called Sosaku cuisine,” he said.

That creative inspiration paid off. In 2015, Nodoguro was named “Restaurant of the Year” in Portland Monthly magazine. 

Menus often have an artist theme, like recipes from the Salvador Dali cookbook, and are plated on vessels that are works of art themselves.

The multi-course dinners are in the traditional kaiseki format, but with a Pacific Northwest twist. 

“There might be something from the ocean. There might be something from the mountain, something from the earth,” Ryan said. “So it brings in old world earth and elements and then we take each of those and we try to make them fun and different.”

Dining at Nodoguro is an experience foodies won’t soon forget.

An example of the omakase style cuisine found in the restaurant Nodoguro.

An example of the omakase style cuisine found in the restaurant Nodoguro.