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Painter Matthew Dennison

Painter Matthew Dennison’s work combines figures and environments in unexpected ways - such as a bear on the Bonneville Dam, or a narwhal confronting a family in a ski boat – to re-jigger assumptions about where animals belong in our ever more human-dominated world. His bright colors and blocky, naive shapes make the paintings approachable while grappling with real-life events, frequently drawn from Matthew’s obsession with world news and intuition that everything is connected.

Producer - Jule Gilfillan
Videographer & Editor - Tom Shrider
Audio - Randy Layton & Laurance Johnson

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Emcee Desmond Spann; Painter Matthew Dennison; Sculptor Michihiro Kosuge (1416)

Oregon Art Beat: Episode #1416
Original Broadcast: February 28, 2013

Willy Vlautin; Eva Lake; Matthew Dennison (1511)

Oregon Art Beat: Episode #1511
Most Recent Broadcast: February 6, 2014