Producer/Videographer/Editor: Greg Bond   Audio: William Ward   Special Thanks: World Cup Coffee/Powell’s Books

He sits in the coffee shop at Powell’s Books creating his art. 

Paper flower artist, Arnold Drake World, uses common paper napkins to construct three basic types of flowers; the morning glory, the calla lily and the rose. After 11 years, he’s learned these are what the customers around him prefer.

Earbuds in place, Arnold sways to music and flips and juggles paper strips to attract attention.
“Different flowers dictate different music,” he says.

He tears and rolls the napkins into the complex designs people from around the world enjoy.

“It’s magic,” says a woman who loves to watch his hands at work.

“You’ve got to bring beauty to the world that the world wants to see” Arnold points out.

And many of the Powells’ customers are eager to agree that the flowers made from simple paper napkins are indeed beautiful.

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