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Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside Interview

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside broke into the Portland scene a few years ago with a fresh approach to old country and rockabilly and Ford’s distinctive vocal style. Now, with their second album, “Untamed Beast” the band is adding a bit of rock and roll rebelliousness to their sound. The band appeared in OPB’s studios recently and spoke with opbmusic’s Jeremy Petersen.

Producer, Videographer, & Editor - John Kin
Videographers - Ifanyi Bell, Greg Boone, & Jarratt Taylor
Audio - William Ward
Studio Recording - Steven Vaughn Kray, Randy Layton, & Jonathan Newsome

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Carver Jason Waldron; Elise Wunderlich; Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside Interview (1413)

Oregon Art Beat: Episode #1413
Original Broadcast: February 7, 2013