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Great Decisions in Foreign Policy

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A Tested Relationship: The U.S. And Mexico (1007)
Afghanistan (807)
America's Diplomats (1011)
America's Diplomats: A Great Decisions Special (709)
Building Brazil (608)
China's Foreign Policy (507)
China's Maritime Build-Up (803)
China: The New Silk Road (903)
Climate & Security (506)
Climate Change (707)
Crossroads: America's Defense Strategy (906)
Cuba (708)
Defense On A Budget (501)
Economic Statecraft (508)
Energy Independence (505)
Father of Containment: The George Kennan Story (1013)
Global Health: Preventing Pandemic (908)
India Rising (604)
International Trade (802)
Islamic Extremism In Africa (504)
Israel And America (502)
Latin America (806)
Made in China (1006)
Middle East (701)
Migration (704)
Modern Day Slavery (607)
Nuclear Security (808)
Out of Balance: Trading With China (1005)
Pax Americana: The American Peace (901)
Regional Disorder: The Middle East (1002)
Rethinking the Nuclear Framework (1003)
Revolution and Reform: The Making of Modern Iran (1009)
Russia's Foreign Policy (902)
Saudi Arabia (804)
South Africa: In the Shadow of Mandela (907)
Sphere Of Influence: Russia's Foreign Policy (601)
Syria: The World's Largest Refugee Crisis (606)
The European Union (801)
The Geopolitics of Oil (805)
The Great Divide: Sunni Vs Shia (603)
The Iran Deal (1012)
The Koreas (705)
The Kurds (703)
The Media and Foreign Policy (904)
The Promise Of Africa (605)
The Rise Of Isis (702)
The State of the State Department (1008)
The Tradeoff: Privacy In A Digital World (602)
The United Nations (706)
Turkey And The Middle East (503)
Turkey: A Partner in Crisis (905)
Turning the Tide: Populism in Europe (1004)
Walled Off: Global Migration (1001)
War Powers: Congress and the President (1010)