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Angel and the Badman (1947)

John Wayne is Quirt Evans, a wounded outlaw who is nursed back to health by a Quaker family whose creed is to help those in need no matter what their circumstances. Quirt is surprised to find a beautiful young woman, the family?s daughter (Gail Russell), caring for him. Grateful for the family?s kindness, Quirt must move on to get even with Laredo Stevens (Bruce Cabot) for killing his foster father. The family is hopeful when Quirt returns to reciprocate their kindness and court their daughter. Influenced by their teachings, Quirt does not draw when confronted by his enemy, Laredo. But a sheriff (Harry Carey), who was determined to bring Quirt to justice, becomes his guardian angel and shoots Laredo, when he realizes Quirt has foresaking violence.