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The Snows of Killimanjaro (1952)

One of Ernest Hemingway?s most celebrated works is brought to the screen by 20th Century Fox?s legendary Darryl F. Zanuck. Although not a perfect adaptation, its grand scale does capture the spirit of Hemingway: African safaris, bullfights, and even civil wars in Spain. It also revisits the writer?s more pleasurable pursuits in Paris, with his main character, Harry Street (Gregory Peck), carousing in night clubs to find a trophy woman. When Harry meets the beautiful Cynthia (played by ravishing Ava Gardner), he unabashedly asks her, ? Can you picture yourself as Harry?s lady?? When Cynthia becomes Harry? s wife she soon realizes what this means. Harry is unable to reconcile her needs with the demands of his writing career. Only when Cynthia leaves him, does Harry realize his grave mistake.