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Mclintock (1963)****

John Wayne is G. W. McLintock, who is fighting all that he believes is bad -a woman who doesn?t understand him, his estranged wife (Maureen O?hara), a government purporting to do good, butdoes the reverse -the miserable treatment of the native American Indians, and corrupt government officials, an Indian Agent, hilariously played by Strother Martin, and a corrupt governor (Robert Lowery) who is after his wife. Taki ng a cue from Shakespeare?s The Taming of The Shrew, McLintock provides some comic relief when he spanks the living daylights out of his recalcitrant wife. And when his daughter (Stephanie Powers) and her Ivy League boyfriend (Jerry Van Dyke) spout big words to confound him, McLintock retorts, ?The results of an Eastern education!? If all this sounds a bit much, it is, but is also a lot of fun and a great tribute to all that John Wayne stands for in good wholesome American entertainment