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Bighorn Pneumonia

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Pneumonia is killing off wild bighorn sheep in the Wallowas. Biologists believe that domestic sheep are carrying pathogens that infect the wild bighorns, but ranchers disagree. Watch the incredible lengths biologists go to in their attempt to save the wild sheep and why efforts have ignited a new battle between Oregon and Idaho over how to use public lands.

First Broadcast: 2008
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographers: Tom Shrider, Dave Spangler
Editor: Tom Babich, Nick Fisher
Video courtesy of: Wild Sheep Foundation
Photos Courtesy of : Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

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Bagby Hot Springs; Bighorn Pneumonia; Rhododendron Garden; Spirit Lake Photo Essay (2003)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2003
Original Broadcast: October 16, 2008