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The Mysterious Glowing Creatures Of Northwest Waterways

Biologist Robin Kodner specializes in the study of tiny sea creatures that produce light — or “bioluminesce” — when they’re disturbed in the water. Nobody is really sure why.

Kodner shows us these mysterious creatures in both their incandescent beauty and under the microscope.

Producers: John Waller, Jule Gilfillan

Camera/Editor/Audio: Michael Bendixen

Writer: Jule Gilfillan

Animation: MacGregor Campbell

Additional Camera: Ben Canales, John Waller, Blake Johnson

Production Assistant: Will Cuddy

Special Thanks: Discovery Sea Kayaks, Jason Gunther, Tim Dwyer, David Loyd


bioluminescence ocean creature glow microbiology plankton protist singe-celled noctaluca

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Lower Owyhee River, Bioluminescence and Oaks Bottom Forge (2809)

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