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Bird Flu

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As fall migration comes into full swing, Marty and his team of wildlife experts must capture and test migrating birds in Oregon for avian influenza. By determining whether or not the migrating birds are infected, experts will be able to warn the appropriate officials in advance of a possible outbreak.

First Broadcast: 2007
Producer: Jahn

More Information
Public Service Website
  • Dig deeper into the world of bird flu and pandemic flu at this richly detailed public service website.
  • Online:
National Wildlife Health Center
  • For information about the federal government monitoring of wild birds for the H5N1 virus, visit the National Wildlife Health Center.
  • Online:
Avian Influenza Model
  • This model shows how an outbreak of avian influenza might spread among the human population.
  • Online: Model Site
Detecting H5N1
  • More about Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife efforts to detect H5N1 in migratory birds.
  • Online: ODFW Avian Flu Website
Seasonal Statistics

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Bird Flu; Green Crabs; Borax Lake Chub; Mickey Hot Springs Photo Essay (1808)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1808
Original Broadcast: February 1, 2007