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Burrowing Owls

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Burrowing owls are the only North American owl to live underground. Set against a backdrop of the Hanford Nuclear Weapons complex and some of the most toxic real estate on earth, burrowing owls continue to flourish in a protected buffer of sagebrush desert. But in the Tri-Cities the sagebrush ecosystem is disappearing, habitat loss is forcing the owls to move on, or die trying.

First Broadcast: 2007
Producer: Ed Jahn

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Burrowing Owl Cam
  • As we mentioned in our story, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has turned a camera on one of Washington’s most charasmatic birds. Anyone with internet access can keep an eye on a family of burrowing owls near the Tri-Cities.
    (**As of 2006, biologists are waiting to see if another family moves in to replace several owls that were recently killed by a badger)
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Burrowing Owls; Carpenter Ants; Crosscut Sawyer (1807)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1807
Original Broadcast: November 17, 2006