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Diving Crater Lake

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Recreational divers hike more than a mile for a rare scuba trip into Crater Lake. Their backbreaking journey takes them to breathtakingly clear water to see bizarre mystery moss around Wizard Island.

First Broadcast: 2011
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographer/Editor: Michael Bendixen
Videographer: Todd Sonflieth
Additional Video: USGS
Additional Video: Michael Mish
Safety Diver: Steve Linzell

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Classroom at Crater Lake

Ona Larsell?s fourth graders at La Pine Elementary are about 60 miles away from Crater Lake, but most of have never visited the park. Through the Classroom at Crater Lake program, Ona?s students get a special outdoor learning experience, bringing them face-to-face with fallen log ecosystems, Central Oregon geology, species unique to high alpine forests, and autumn weather.

Crater Lake in Winter

William Gladstone Steel

William Gladstone Steel is considered the "Father of Crater Lake National Park" and was instrumental in preserving the Cascade Range Reserve. His efforts lead to millions of acres of protected forestlands and watersheds, but he was also an opportunistic entrepreneur who pushed for roads and development. Complex and controversial, he dedicated his life to the mountains of Oregon.

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Diving Crater Lake; Pixieland Restored; Portland Mounted Patrol Unit (2208)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2208
Original Broadcast: February 3, 2011