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Dory Builder

Pacific City, Oregon owes its identity, and its fishing industry, to dory boats. The flat-bottomed, no-keel boats take off from dry sand directly into the surf. When they return, fishermen throttle up full blast to slide back in using the beach as their brakes. A group of students from Linfield College are making a major effort to preserve the unique history of the dory boats and the community that relies on them.

Producer - Vince Patton
Videographer & Editor - Michael Bendixen
Photos & Video Courtesy - Pacific City Dorymen’s Association, Linfield College
Special Thanks - Brenda Devore Marshall

More Information
Linfield History Project: Launching Through the Surf
Pacific City Dorymen’s Association
Early Dory Photos

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Dory Builder; The Tuesday Crew; Willamette Greenway (2413)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2413
Most Recent Broadcast: July 11, 2013