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Fishing Quotas

Join a trawler on the high seas as he makes the worst catch imaginable: highly restricted canary rockfish. He must handle the unwanted haul under a brand new set of rules imposed on the industry in 2011. Catch shares now give out individual quotas of fish and hold those trawlers accountable when they catch too many. It’s the biggest change to west coast trawling in 50 years.

First Broadcast: 2011
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographer/Editor: Michael Bendixen
Video Courtesy: Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Marine Resources Program

More Information
Catch Shares Q&A
Oregon Trawl Commission
West Coast Seafood Processors Assn.

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Avalanche Safety; Fishing Quotas; Music in Nature (2306)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2306
Original Broadcast: November 10, 2011