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Forest Park BioBlitz

There’s only one place in Oregon where you can find wild elk, mountain beaver and pygmy owls in the middle of a city - it’s Portland’s Forest Park. But these, and a myriad of other species, remain hidden from most Portlanders. During the Spring of 2012, over 150 wildlife experts and volunteers converged on the park for 24 hours to search streams, trees, and undergrowth for anything that moved. It was the Park’s first Bioblitz.

Producer - Shervin Hess
Videographers - Michael Bendixen, Greg Bond, Nicholas Fisher
Editor - Todd Sonflieth
Audio - Ted Cutler
Additional Videography - Shervin Hess
Photos & Video Courtesy - Portland Parks & Recreation, John Deshler

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Forest Park BioBlitz Information
Results of 2012 Forest Park Bioblitz

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