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Gearhart Elk Herd

For more than a decade, a herd of elk has been hanging out in and around the up-scale coastal town of Gearhart, browsing the golf course and even taking refreshing dips in the surf. But as the herd is growing, so are concerns about safety and property destruction. We talk to the locals and wildlife experts about why the elk come here, whether they’re a nuisance or an opportunity.

Howard Shippey’s Footage of Elk Swimming
KGW Footage
Coast Elk Info
The Coastal Edge Article, Elk Among Us
Producer - Jule Gilfillan
Videographer/Editor - Tom Shrider
Additional Video - Howard Shippey, DV Designs
Additional Photography - Neal Maine, Pacific Light Images & Jeff TerHar

Elk Gearhart Oregon Coast

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Gearhart Elk; Endurance Ride; Shed Antler Hunting (2606)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2606
Most Recent Broadcast: February 5, 2015