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Hiking From Portland To The Pacific Coast

After 7 years of scouting, Jim Thayer of Portland has plotted a hiking route from Portland to the Pacific coast without using highways. Since trails don’t cover the entire path, he has found logging roads open for public access. Here he shows us two segments, one along the Salmonberry River and its washed out rail line and another near Saddle Mountain suitable for biking down to Seaside.

Producer - Vince Patton
Videographers - Michael Bendixen & Todd Sonflieth
Editor - Nicholas Fisher
Grip - Kyle Neumann
Transcription - Trish Bunyard

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Aerial Fish Stocking; Hiking from Portland to the Pacific Coast; Stormwater (2406)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2406
Original Broadcast: November 8, 2012

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Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2819
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