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Living with Wolves: An Oregon Field Guide Special

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Field Guide spent a year roaming woods, ranches and mountains examining the plight of wolves and what it means to live with them. Can ranchers coexist with wolves when livestock turn up dead? Will wolves bring tourists to Oregon as they have in Yellowstone? There are no easy answers. Yet, as their numbers increase, wolves themselves are forcing the hands of conservationists, ranchers and wildlife managers.

First Broadcast: 2010
Producer: Ed Jahn
Videographer: Nicholas Fisher
Videographer: Todd Sonflieth
Editor: Bruce Barrow

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How do you feel about wolves? Are wolves good or bad for Oregon? Read more and share your comments at the Ecotrope blog.

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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Oregon Wild
  • Oregon wilderness/wildlife conservation group.
  • Online:
Defenders of Wildlife
Predator Defense
Wallowa County Stockgrowers Association
Oregon Cattlemen’s Association

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Living with Wolves: An Oregon Field Guide Special (2207)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2207
Original Broadcast: November 18, 2010