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Malheur Refuge Carp

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As the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge turns 100 years old it faces a serious crisis. An invasion by hundreds of thousands of carp threatens this linchpin in the Pacific Flyway. Trumpeter Swan, Whitefaced Ibis and Egrets are just a few of the many birds you can see at the Malheur refuge. Sadly you will not see many birds at Malheur lake as it has been overrun by introduced carp, but efforts are underway to help prevent further habitat loss.

First Broadcast: 2008
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographer/Editor: Nick Fisher

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Hummingbird Flight; Malheur Refuge Carp; Return to Mount St. Helens (2012)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2012
Original Broadcast: February 26, 2009