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Marmot Dam Removed

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In 1906 the Marmot Dam was built on the Sandy River near Mount Hood. Nearly a century later, PGE decides to remove it. But will the tons of sediment built up behind the dam harm the river downstream once the structure is removed? The National Center For Earth Dynamics at the University of Minnesota and other experts weigh in. See what happens as the Marmot Dam is removed!

First Broadcast: 2008
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographers: Todd Sonflieth, Nick Fisher
Editor: Nick Fisher
Audio: William Ward
Field Producer: Milt Ritter
Video courtesy of: Portland General Electric
Photos Courtesy of : US Geological Survey

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PGE Marmot Dam Site

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Marmot Dam Removed; Fire Tower; Ice Worms (1910)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1910
Original Broadcast: February 21, 2008