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Metro's Greenspace Program

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What do Elk Rock in milwaukie, East Buttes in gresham, Blue lake in Troutdale, and the narrow greenway service trails through the city all have in common? They were put there on purpose by Metro in an effort to bring nature to the neighborhood. Learn how Metro’s Greenspace Program connects people with nature from within the city.

First Broadcast: 2007
Producer: Jahn

More Information
Read more about Metro’s Greenspaces programs at their website.
“Metro area voters greenlight a new batch of greenspaces”
  • Read The Oregonian’s article about the successful passage of Bond Measure 26-80.
  • Online:

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Steens Archeology; Metro's Greenspace Program; Olympia Oysters; Valley of the Giants Photo Essay (1806)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1806
Original Broadcast: November 9, 2006