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Mt. Hood's Volcanic Past

As George Washington was winning the revolutionary war, a deluge of volcanic debris was killing trees on the Sandy River. Mount Hood erupted for nearly a decade, just a few years before Lewis & Clark came through. The mountain many Portlanders regard as part of the city skyline is actually an active volcano with a more recent history of activity than many people realize.

Producer - Vince Patton
Videographer & Editor - Michael Bendixen
Videographer - Todd Sonflieth
Animation - Danika Sandoz
Video Courtesy - Rick Hoblitt, USGS
Photos & Animation Courtesy - USGS, Oregon Dept. of Geology & Mineral Industries

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Mt. Hood's Volcanic Past; Warren Falls; Yellow Tuft Alyssum (2404)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2404
Original Broadcast: October 25, 2012