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A world of odd shapes, textures and colors reveals itself every year as the rains set in. Mushrooms sprout their fruit. Mycologist Nancy Weber has found more than 300 types of fungi in her forested backyard. In southern Oregon, Robert Coffan, Darlene Southworth and Jonathan Frank discovered the only mushroom in the world that grows entirely underwater, in the waters of the Rogue River.

Earthfix: Searching for Oregon’s Aquatic Mushroom
Top 10 New Species 2011

Psathyrella Aquatica
Photography Changes Mushroom Collection
Nancy Weber
Producer - Vince Patton
Editor & Videographer - Michael Bendixen
Videographer - Nicholas Fisher
Photos & Video Courtesy - Nancy Weber, Jonathan Frank, Robert Coffan, Nicholas Money - Miami University

mushroom fungi amanita muscaria fungus Rogue River forest underwater mycology mycologist

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