Historically, the Oregon chub was found throughout the Willamette Valley river system. But more than a century of re-channeling the river and drying up wetlands for agriculture and residence changed all that. By the 1980s, the once ubiquitous minnow was extremely hard to find. That led to its listing as an Endangered Species in 1993. Over the decades, work by a variety of constituencies from the Army Corps of Engineers to private landowners and conservation groups are helping to return the Willamette to a more natural course and that has brought the species’ numbers back up. The Oregon chub will be the first fish to be “delisted.”

McKenzie River Trust
ODFW Native Fish Investigations Program
Oregon Biodiversity Info Ctr (PSU)
Producer - Jule Gilfillan
Videographer/Editor - Nick Fisher
Special Credits for Additional Video -
ODFW/Freshwaters Illustrated
University of Oregon, David Hulse
Oregon State University, Stanley Gregory