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Return to Opal Creek

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Salamanders, newts and the children who study them have all thrived in the Opal Creek Wilderness since Congress granted federal protection in 1996. See the transformation to the valley and to the old mining town at its center, Jaw Bone Flats. Opal Creek’s Ancient Forest Center serves as a center of education and recreation as well as protecting this unique old growth forest in the Opal Creek watershed.

First Broadcast: 2007
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographer/Editor: Todd Sonflieth

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Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center
  • Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center maintains and stewards Jawbone Flats, a rejuvenated historic mining town in the heart of the 35,000-acre ancient forest watershed of the Opal Creek Wilderness and Scenic Recreation Area. Cabin rentals, workshops, school groups, business retreats.
  • Contact: Michele McKenzie
  • Phone: (503) 892-2782
  • Email:
  • Online:

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Big Wave Surf; Plover Habitat; Return to Opal Creek (1902)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1902
Original Broadcast: October 11, 2007