Western writer Zane Grey’s voice rang across the nation when he sang the praises of Oregon’s Rogue River. President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed the Rogue River a national treasure when he gave her Wild and Scenic protection. Hollywood stars and five star generals found refuge in her beauty.

People from around the world raft the Rogue or fish for her steelhead. Along the journey lie hints of the river’s sometimes violent past: the gold mines, the now invisible Indian villages, the battle sites. River of the Rogues tells the tales of the people and the events that shaped the river.

Producer - Pat Kruis
Editor - Todd Sonflieth
Videographers - Nicholas Fisher & Michael Bendixen
Artwork - Peggy O’Neal
Artwork commissioned by - Commissioned by Coquille Indian Tribe, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, & Umpqua Discovery Center
Hydrology Animation - John A. LeHoullier & Paul J. Valitutto
Additional Video - Wooldridge Boats Inc., Ralph Bowman, Southern Oregon Historical Society, Paramount Pictures, Catalyst Video Productions, & Freshwater Illustrated
Archive Photos - Confederated Tribe of Siletz Indians, Southern Oregon Historical Society, Lloyd Smith, Wooldridge Boats Inc., Gold Beach Historical Society, Laurel Gerkman, Paradise Inn, Weasku Inn, Herbert Hoover Library, Jimmy Carter Library, Lyndon Johnson Library, Bill McNair, Ed Meyer, NOAA Fisheries, Zane Grey Western Society

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