Denny Dyke began drawing classical labyrinths on the sandy beaches near Bandon in 2011. Once completed, he walks the labyrinth to the center and out again.

In recent years, Denny’s expanded his repertoire of labyrinth-types, and now even makes up his designs on the spot. With the help of 3 or 4 “rakers” to darken the negative space between the interlocking spirals, he’s been able to create designs up to 100 feet across.

Denny Dyke creates labyrinths in the sand in Bandon, Oregon.

Denny Dyke creates labyrinths in the sand in Bandon, Oregon.

Tourists and locals alike flock to see Denny’s work and to walk the mysterious and beautiful labyrinths before the tides take them back to the sea.

Producer: Jule Gilfillan, Videographer/Editor: Nick Fisher, Additional Photography: Pam Hansen,Teague Mercer

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