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Sumpter Locomotive

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Hop aboard one of Oregon’s only regularly operating full-sized steam locomotives for a historic tour through the beautiful Sumpter Valley. It’s a slow, smoky, noisy ride, taking passengers back in time to experience the sights, sounds and smells of train travel in the 1890s. The meticulously restored engines hearken to a time when Sumpter was the second largest city in Oregon, boasting a large timber and gold trade.

First Broadcast: 2005

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Sumpter Valley Railroad
  • Go to the SVR Web site for contact and railroad trip information.
  • Phone: 541-894-2268, or toll-fr
  • Online:

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Storm Petrels; Sumpter Locomotive; B-24 Mystery (1710)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1710
Original Broadcast: January 31, 2008