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Toad Crossing

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Despite a general population decline for the Western Toad, in 2007, Lake Aspen in Sun River Oregon experienced a uniquely high toad emergence. As 400,000 baby toads set out for life as adults, their path leads them straight into deadly peril on roads and bike paths. The Sun River Nature Center enlisted an army of children to come to their rescue.

First Broadcast: 2007
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographer/Editor: Nick Fisher

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Sunriver Nature Center
  • The Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory is a private, not-for-profit scientific and educational organization in Sunriver, Oregon. Services include interpretive exhibits, large scale public observatory, educational programs, botanical garden, and a nature trail. Enthusiastic staff and volunteers provide a fun and thoughtful view of our natural environment.
  • Phone: 541-593-4394
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Toad Crossing; Wind Turbine School; Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp (1907)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1907
Original Broadcast: November 15, 2007