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Some say it’s a transforming experience to climb 140 feet into the treetops, via a system of ropes and ascenders, to a hammock-like platform to enjoy the view from a very different vantage point. Rob Miron of the Pacific Tree climbing Institute guides you up and through the canopy. Old growth trees, some as large as 300 feet are explored. You will also see some of the unique plants and wildlife which thrive high above the forest floor.

First Broadcast: 2005
Producer: Jim Newman

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Pacific Tree Climbing Institute
  • Pacific Tree Climbing Institute offers guided tree climbing expeditions in magnificent trees found in the legendary forests of the Pacific Northwest. Their purpose is simple: they hope to demonstrate that the remaining old growth groves have greater value as intact forests than as lumber. If by facilitating your visit to the endangered eco-systems you find yourself inspired by the beauty and wonder of the trees, then they will have succeeded in their purpose.
  • Address: 605 Howard Avenue Eugene, OR 97404
  • Phone: Toll Free (866) OLD-TREE
  • Email:
  • Online:

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Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1711
Original Broadcast: January 3, 2008