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Tsunami Anniversary

The March 27, 1964 “Good Friday” earthquake rocked Southcentral Alaska with 5 minutes of shaking. The magnitude 9.2 earthquake left communities in ruins and triggered a tsunami that traveled south at over 500 mph towards Oregon. When the tsunami struck Oregon and California hours later, it destroyed homes, flooded communities and killed 11 people. It remains the largest tsunami in U.S history.

Oregon Tsunami Clearinghouse
1964 Earthquake and Tsunami Information


Producer - Ed Jahn
Editor/Videographer - Todd Sonflieth
Additional Video - Greg Bond, Tom Shrider. William Ward
Special Thanks - Eric Geist, USGS; USGS & Dept. Of Defense; Alaska Film Archives - University of Alaska Fairbanks; Del Norte County Historical Society Photograph; Walt Harris Collection; NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation); NOAA/NWS/Pacific Tsunami Warning Center; DOGAMI; Jim Newman, Producer (2009 Tsunami Story)

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