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Tualatin Riverkeepers

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The Tualatin Riverkeepers are a group of dedicated volunteers who cherish the beauty and history of the Tualatin River. The groups’ ultimate goal is to get others to help take care of this special river, but they know in order to do so they will have to get people to appreciate it first. As the river’s water quality continues to improve and wildlife begins to flourish again, the Riverkeepers are confident that their mission will be a success.

First Broadcast: 2000
Producer: Douglas

More Information
Tualatin Riverkeepers
  • Riverkeepers’ mission is to protect and restore the Tualatin River system.
  • Address: 12360 SW Main Street Suite 100 Tigard, OR 97223
  • Phone: 503-620-7507
  • Email:
  • Online:
Upper Tualatin River Van Tour
  • Led by founder Rob Baur, participants will see Tualatin River waterfalls which have restricted access.
  • Phone: 503-620-7507
  • Online:

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Sunken Canoe; Tualatin Riverkeepers; How Trees Are Made (1108)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1108
Original Broadcast: September 27, 2007