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Ultralight Hiking

Clint “Lint” Bunting came to backpacking late in life, but once he took to it he went “all in”. He has hiked over 14,000 miles, including all of the big American Thru hikes: the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Ice Age Trail and the Continental divide Trail, some of them twice! What’s more, he now hikes for weeks at a time with an 8-pound pack, significantly less than the 40-50 pounds many backpackers typically carry.

First Broadcast: 2012
Producer: Ed Jahn
Videographer/Editor: Todd Sonflieth

More Information
Lint’s Trail journals
  • Want to read more about Lint’s adventures? He kept a trail journal of his Continental Divide Trail hike. Read it here.
  • Online:
Ray Jardine’s guide to ultralite
  • Ray Jardine is considered the godfather of the “ultralite” movement. Check out his tips and tricks to ultralite here.
  • Online:
Lint Hikes
  • You can get all the latest on Lint’s hiking adventures and gear lists here.
  • Online:

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