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Lee Spencer is a volunteer who spends his time watching over a unique pool, called the Dynamite Hole, on the Umpqua river that is a seasonal home to spawning Steelhead Salmon. He spends twelve hours a day at the river’s edge to ensure poachers do not disturb this fragile environment. His work ensures the salmon can finish their treacherous journey up river to lay their eggs so that the cycle of life can continue into the future.

First Broadcast: 2008
Producer: Ed Jahn

More Information
  • Check out the North Umpqua Foundation to learn more about the fate of the Umpqua’s salmon, and to read from Lee Spencer’s “fishwatching” diary.
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Mt Washington Climb; Slugs; Umpqua Fish Watcher (2006)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2006
Original Broadcast: November 6, 2008