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Turkey Vultures are among the smartest birds in the worlds. Join Oregon’s foremost raptor expert, Jim Anderson, as he takes us on a comical journey from caves to canyons to a roadkill graveyard, all in search of a bird most people dismiss as “just plain ugly”. No, they’re not pretty, and yes, they eat food only after its long dead and stinky, but think about it… what would our world be like it all that dead stuff were left lying around?

First Broadcast: 2009
Producer: Ed Jahn
Videographer: Nicholas Fisher

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Did you know that turkey vultures won’t eat live animals? Or that vulture “poop” is actually a sanitizer? Learn theses and many, many other facts at this great website for all things vulture:
Check out our blog to see new video of a vulture feeding on a seal at the beach.

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Knowles Creek Update; Vultures; Wave Power (2104)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2104
Original Broadcast: October 29, 2009