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Oregon Field Guide

Wenaha River Packrafting

Producer: Ed Jahn   Camera: Jeremy Monroe, David Herasimtschuk, Freshwaters Illustrated  Editor: Bruce Barrow   Additional Video: KLEW Video 
Special Thanks: Grant Richie, Anna Velasquez and Joani Bosworth, Umatilla National Forest Service

Oregon Field Guide joins a multi-day packrafting expedition through the heart of the little-known Wenaha-Tuccannon wilderness. Tim Palmer, author of over two dozen guidebooks to rivers and wild places, and Zach Collier, and outfitter and river runner, lead this remote expedition down 22 miles of the Wenaha river in Oregon’s Blue Mountains.

They encounter low water, log-jams and the blackened forest burned by the Grizzly Bear fire of 2015, but they also experience the deepest kind of wilderness solitude.

Wenaha Wenaha Tuccannon Wilderness Blue Mountains packrafting kayaking

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Wenaha River Packrafting (2806)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2806
Most Recent Broadcast: November 10, 2016