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Whychus Creek

For the last 40 years salmon and steelhead have been missing from a place called Whychus creek. But they’re about to come back, and ecologists are getting busy with bulldozers as they prepare for their return.

First Broadcast: 2010
Producer: Ed Jahn
Videographer/Editor: Todd Sonflieth
Videographer: Nicholas Fisher

More Information
  • Amanda Egertson works for the Deschutes Land Trust (not the Deschutes River Land Trust as stated in our story). Ryan Houston works for the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council. (not the Upper Deschutes River Watershed Council as stated in the story). We apologize for the errors.

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Dead Zone Update; Whychus Creek; Coast Aquarium / Sea Turtles (2112)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2112
Original Broadcast: March 18, 2010