As with many other performing arts organizations, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is always at work to recruit new audience members. The company extends an extra effort to bring in “non-traditional” theater-goers.  

OSF actress Vilma Sliva cast as Julius Caesar in 2013

OSF actress Vilma Sliva cast as Julius Caesar in 2013

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

OSF actor Vilma Silva believes that Shakespeare is for everyone. She says there’s no reason that a younger, more-diverse audience shouldn’t enjoy his work as much as she does.  

“My-my background is Latin American. My parents are from Nicaragua and I was born and raised in San Francisco, a pretty diverse city. I had no problem claiming Shakespeare as my playwright…”  

Vilma Silva on Shakespeare's Work

“…When I first read “The Merchant of Venice” — the very first time I read a speech and understood it without having to look at the notes — I went, ‘My gosh, not only do I understand it, but wow, the ideas being expressed are amazing, and it’s really interestingly written…’”

Producer/Writer: Eric Cain