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OPB Primetime: Monthly TV Guide

OPB Primetime is your monthly TV guide with highlights, primetime schedule listings for OPB and OPB Plus, and more.

June 2020: Download this issue (PDF)

July 2020: Download this issue (PDF)

K-12 Educational Programming On OPB TV

OPB has adjusted our television schedules to support K-12 students with grade-level and subject-based programs during the coronavirus outbreak. This provides thousands of children access to educational lessons while Oregon schools are closed. OPB’s primary broadcast television channel now focuses on educational content from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday until June 30.

Educational Programming Schedule By Topic And Age Range:

June 1 - 30: Download this schedule (PDF)*

*Programs are subject to change. Find our weekly schedules below for more information.

Full Schedule Of Educational Programs By Week:

June 29 – 30: Download this schedule (PDF)