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Ashland Artist Starts ‘Dialogs With The Anthropocene’

Painter Claire Duncan taps into a shared feeling for a powerful gallery show.

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Ana Aguirre Prints Life and Death

Painter and printmaker Ana Aguirre skillfully combines bright, saturated color and intricate knife cuts to create striking celebrations of the female figure and the themes of life and death.

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Lake Oswego Arts Program Highlights Importance Of Public Art

Lake Oswego is home to more than 39,000 residents and some of Oregon’s most striking pieces of public art. They’re part of an ongoing public arts program, Gallery Without Walls.

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Handmade Classical Sounds: Luthier Jeffrey Elliot

Jeffrey Elliott is one of the guitar world’s most respected luthiers, hand-crafting acoustic guitars for renowned guitar players for over 50 years.

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Corn Husk Baskets Give Kelli Palmer A Piece of Home

Warm Springs weaver Kelli Palmer is a master of the corn husk basket, an intricate form Kelli is helping to keep alive.

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Stephen Hayes: In The Hour Before

In November of 2015 Stephen Hayes was working in his studio when he heard the news on the radio: mass shootings (and a bomb attack) had killed 130 people in Paris. 

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Pander Brothers Paint Mural For Rialto

The dynamic duo of brothers Jacob and Arnold Pander are known for their colorful and graphic style as comic book artists and innovative filmmakers.

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The Painted Plate: Nodoguro And The Art Of Food

Ryan and Elena Roadhouse opened their restaurant Nodoguro in 2015 and have been impressing diners with their beautiful and sumptuous dishes ever since.

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Ben Buswell Explores Dimensions In Photographs

Artist Ben Buswell is best known for his work with photographs – work that re-purposes photographs as sculptural objects.

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Nora Sherwood On The Path Less Traveled

Nora Sherwood went from a career in tech to one in art and illustration. The journey was painful but she has no regrets.