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Musician Hauls Piano To 25 Of Oregon's Most Scenic Locations

Classical pianist Hunter Noack performs in the most remote and beautiful spots in Oregon.

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Put A Bow On It: Eugene Artist Kelly Durian's Next-Generation Neckties

Kelly Durian makes bow ties and suspenders for a new generation from her shop in Eugene.

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Stop Planning, Stop Judging: Painter Jesse Reno's Wild Intuition

Jesse Reno believes in following his intuition when painting, forgoing a plan for his images.

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Minor White Captures The Ornate Beauty Of Portland's Past

Images captured by photographer Minor White in the late 1930s are the only remaining connection to the ornately decorated cast-iron buildings that once lined the streets of Portland.

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Dao Strom's Work Aims To Destabilize The American Vietnam Narrative

Portland artist Dao Strom uses image, music, writing and spoken word to explore the intersection of her Vietnamese birth and American life.

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Vu Pham Examines Vietnamese Diaspora Through Film

Portland filmmaker Vu Pham has a distinct, developing voice in his films, which manifests in a dark, contemporary noir style and tone.

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Oregon Plein-Air Painter Anton Pavlenko Embraces The Abstract

Plein-air Painter Anton Pavlenko explores the world of abstract and moves into a new direction.

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ShadowMachine Embraces Portland's Animation Talent

Awarding-winning ShadowMachine has set up shop in Northwest Portland. Animator Isaac Sagastume shares his story and experiences working with this Portland-based animation house.

Arts | NW Life | local | Oregon Art Beat

Portland Artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins Makes Meaning From Everyday Life

Jessica Jackson Hutchins is known for making striking, profound art out of unlikely materials.