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The Sweet Taste Of Autumn At Cedar Creek Grist Mill

A picturesque gristmill in southwest Washington state revives the joys of nostalgic traditions.

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Truffle Dogs Sniff Out Culinary Gold In Oregon Forests

With the help of dogs, the Oregon Truffle Festival is elevating the international reputation of Oregon truffles.

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The Meaning Of Food For Award-Winning Author Diana Abu-Jaber

Author and Portland State University Professor Diana Abu-Jaber has a cultural connection to the food she often writes about.

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Sarah Hart Gilds ‘Food Of The Gods’ At Alma Chocolate

Sarah Hart makes gold-covered chocolate icons inspired by the Latin root of cacao — "food of the gods."

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Sebastian Cisneros' Chocolate Brings Ecuador To Oregon

Portland chocolatier Sebastian Cisneros uses chocolate to stay connected to his Edcuadorian culture

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Ice Cream That Takes Its Cue From Art

Portland ice cream maker Jared Goodman takes inspiration from works of art when creating his elaborate sundaes

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Saving The Northwest's Eulachon Smelt

Can the Northwest's huge runs of eulachon smelt be preserved?

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'Tastes Like Chicken': An Invasive Species BBQ

A group of ecologists cook up a clever way to address the problem of invasive species — one bite at a time.

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Apple Detectives Try To Save Thousands Of Varieties

Fruit sleuths play detective to learn what kinds of apples grow on old trees.

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Oregon's 'Napa Valley' Of Cranberry Farming

Thanks to a longer growing season that produces sweet berries, Oregon's south coast has earned a reputation among some producers as the "Napa Valley" of cranberry farming.