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Oregon State University: 150 Years As Oregon's Land-Grant Institution

Since its founding in 1868, Oregon State University's mission has been to be a school for the people of the state, offering research, outreach and instruction to residents in every county.

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Fort Vancouver: A Historic Trade Post Of The Pacific Northwest

At one time, the largest landowner in North America was the Hudson's Bay Company, a vast British trading enterprise. In the early 1800s, Fort Vancouver served as the HBC headquarters in the Oregon Country employing hundreds of people from over 35 different ethnic groups. This unique, vibrant, multicultural community prevailed for more than 20 years. Fort Vancouver is the story of the people, the place and the changes that the Hudson's Bay Company brought to the Pacific Northwest.

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A Turning Of Seasons At Alpha Farm

A commune from a colorful era hangs on deep in the Coastal Mountains

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Legacy Of A View: The Secret Story Of The Shire

How an architect, an activist and a curious piece of land saved the Columbia River Gorge.

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Minor White Captures The Ornate Beauty Of Portland's Past

Images captured by photographer Minor White in the late 1930s are the only remaining connection to the ornately decorated cast-iron buildings that once lined the streets of Portland.

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Dao Strom's Work Aims To Destabilize The American Vietnam Narrative

Portland artist Dao Strom uses image, music, writing and spoken word to explore the intersection of her Vietnamese birth and American life.

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Vu Pham Examines Vietnamese Diaspora Through Film

Portland filmmaker Vu Pham has a distinct, developing voice in his films, which manifests in a dark, contemporary noir style and tone.

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The Hidden World Of Oregon's Overlooked Falls

Surrounded by derelict shells of old mills and factories, the largest waterfall in Oregon has been a mystery to most. Until now.

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Step Back In Time At This Small Town Ski Hill

Warner Canyon: It's small, it's simple — and locals work hard to keep it that way. 

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Horse Logging At The Harmons

Oregon’s last horse logger and a family of foresters look to the future by carrying on a legacy of the past.