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The Tricky, Terrifying, Tedious Work On A Tug Boat

A trip down the Snake and Columbia Rivers aboard one of the tugs that push barges of grain, wood chips, garbage and other payloads between Lewiston and Vancouver year-round.

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Horse Logging At The Harmons

Oregon’s last horse logger and a family of foresters look to the future by carrying on a legacy of the past.

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Pacific Northwest Plein Air Invites Painters To Get Outside

The Pacific Northwest Plein Air painting event encourages artists to immerse themselves in the natural landscape

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Dam Removals

In the past decade, several high-profile dam removals have happened in the Northwest.

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Cormorant vs. Salmon

Thousands of cormorants are to be killed because they eat so many salmon.

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Wildlife Crossings Reduce Collisions And Save Lives

Oregon's first wildlife crossing saves lives of deer and drivers. Now ODOT plans another crossing.

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Japan's Earthquake: Lessons For Oregon

Oregon Field Guide travels to Japan nearly four years after a devastating earthquake and tsunami decimated towns along the Japanese coast. We look for lessons Oregon can learn as we prepare for our own Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami.

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Ross Island: History & Present

Visit Ross Island, and find out why this new Portland park is not open to the public.

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Lake Abert Dries Up

Oregon’s third largest lake dried up. Is more than drought to blame?