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A Greener Future For Oysters?

Could eelgrass and kelp protect a $100 million Northwest oyster industry from the effects of ocean acidification and climate change?

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On A Wing And A Prayer: A Butterfly Rescue On San Juan Island

Rising seas test a rare butterfly’s comeback. The Island Marble thought to be extinct was rediscovered on San Juan Island. Biologists are scrambling to keep it alive.

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Friends Of Trees: Putting Down Roots In Winter

Friends of Trees has spread from a neighborhood cooperative to a regional tree-planting powerhouse.

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Portland Winter Light Festival Sparks Illumination

By the time February rolls around here in the rainy northwest, most folks are going a little bit crazy. A respite from those mid-winter woes: the Portland Winter Light Festival

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'Oregon Field Guide' Remembers Jeff Douglas

"Oregon Field Guide" remembers longtime journalist Jeff Douglas.

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Bat Mystery

The deadly disease, white-nose syndrome, that’s been devastating East Coast bat colonies, has suddenly and mysteriously appeared in the Northwest

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The Night Sky Like You've Never Seen It: Oregon Star Party Dazzles

Everything's looking up in this exquisite exploration of the night sky, captured in all its brilliance by photographers and astronomers during the annual Oregon Star Party.

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John Day River Paddleboarding

A stand-up paddleboard adventure down the John Day River, the longest undammed river in Oregon.

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'Tastes Like Chicken': An Invasive Species BBQ

A group of ecologists cook up a clever way to address the problem of invasive species — one bite at a time.