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Fort Vancouver: A Historic Trade Post Of The Pacific Northwest

At one time, the largest landowner in North America was the Hudson's Bay Company, a vast British trading enterprise. In the early 1800s, Fort Vancouver served as the HBC headquarters in the Oregon Country employing hundreds of people from over 35 different ethnic groups. This unique, vibrant, multicultural community prevailed for more than 20 years. Fort Vancouver is the story of the people, the place and the changes that the Hudson's Bay Company brought to the Pacific Northwest.

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Rothko: Life Beyond The Abstract

Painter Mark Rothko sold newspapers on Portland street corners, worked in his uncle’s downtown Portland clothing store, and eventually enrolled at Lincoln High School, where he excelled. 

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La Belle: Lost In The World Of The Automaton

Portland’s Imago Theatre is famous for their long running, national touring, hit shows "Frogz" and "ZooZoo." But now, Directors Carol Triffle and Jerry Mouwad have created what they hope is a new hit.

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Painting With A Side Of Aromatherapy In Oregon's Lavender Fields

Every summer, scores of painters descend on the lavender fields of Oregon, creating work, and getting a little aromatherapy as well!

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Freshwater Mussels Of The Willamette

A large population of native freshwater mussels has been found thriving in an urban stretch of the Willamette. But what do they really tell us about the health of the river?

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Unlikely Hikers: A Hiking Group For The Rest Of Us

Not everyone feels welcome in the outdoors. Unlikely Hikers wants to change that.

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Put A Bow On It: Eugene Artist Kelly Durian's Next-Generation Neckties

Kelly Durian makes bow ties and suspenders for a new generation from her shop in Eugene.

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Stop Planning, Stop Judging: Painter Jesse Reno's Wild Intuition

Jesse Reno believes in following his intuition when painting, forgoing a plan for his images.

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A Turning Of Seasons At Alpha Farm

A commune from a colorful era hangs on deep in the Coastal Mountains

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Minor White Captures The Ornate Beauty Of Portland's Past

Images captured by photographer Minor White in the late 1930s are the only remaining connection to the ornately decorated cast-iron buildings that once lined the streets of Portland.