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The Sweet Taste Of Autumn At Cedar Creek Grist Mill

A picturesque gristmill in southwest Washington state revives the joys of nostalgic traditions.

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Truffle Dogs Sniff Out Culinary Gold In Oregon Forests

With the help of dogs, the Oregon Truffle Festival is elevating the international reputation of Oregon truffles.

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Dao Strom's Work Aims To Destabilize The American Vietnam Narrative

Portland artist Dao Strom uses image, music, writing and spoken word to explore the intersection of her Vietnamese birth and American life.

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The Tricky, Terrifying, Tedious Work On A Tug Boat

A trip down the Snake and Columbia Rivers aboard one of the tugs that push barges of grain, wood chips, garbage and other payloads between Lewiston and Vancouver year-round.

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ShadowMachine Embraces Portland's Animation Talent

Awarding-winning ShadowMachine has set up shop in Northwest Portland. Animator Isaac Sagastume shares his story and experiences working with this Portland-based animation house.

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Pyrosomes: Mysterious, Pickle-Shaped Visitors Of The Deep

The pickle-shaped sea creatures known as pyrosomes are rarely seen along the West Coast, but this year millions of them showed up. No one knows why they're here or how long they'll stay.

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The Hidden World Of Oregon's Overlooked Falls

Surrounded by derelict shells of old mills and factories, the largest waterfall in Oregon has been a mystery to most. Until now.

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The Trail That's Not A Trail Through The Oregon Desert

Oregon's newest long-distance trail charts a rugged course through the heart of the desert.

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California Or Mars? Rafting In The Red Canyons Of North Fork

The North Fork is a pocket of red planet oddness here on Earth.

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Portland Artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins Makes Meaning From Everyday Life

Jessica Jackson Hutchins is known for making striking, profound art out of unlikely materials.